• Sept 16, 2005:   This is a rough mirror of the original eternal.dk MonkeyTerm site, preserved for those hunting MonkeyTerm. If there is somthing you have that aint here, Contact me and let me know.

  • Sept 18, 2005:   Big thanks to "JC" who had a personal mirror that I was able to get some of the original images AND the SOURCE CODE from!.

  • Sept 18, 2005:   I'm still hunting for the script "ansi.mos", Contact me if you have it or know a link to it.

  • Sept 20, 2005:   I've located the script "ansi.mos", Hojou himself was gracious enough to send it to me.

  • Sept 20, 2005:   Now hunting: MT2betapatch3.zip, MT2betapatch4.zip, MTv2-prebeta.zip, MTv201beta.zip, MTv201betaPatch.zip, MTv202.zip, MTv203beta.exe, and MTv2beta.zip

Hojou & AsPhunck decided to stop working on MonkeyTerm. They had been seriously lacking time and motivation, and they felt, that it's time that they give you more than nothing.
They decided to hand it over to the world so someone else can fix the remaining bugs, handle all the cool user requests, and stuff.
If you didn't know, MonkeyTerm was created with VB6. They tried to make the project tidy and clean, so anyone with programming skills and knowledge of VB6 should be able to continue the work without too much trouble.
Anyways this was just something they wanted to share to let you know they (personally) won't be adding more functionality.
Hojou stated: "It was really fun to work on MonkeyTerm and we like the result. It's time to move on though - I atleast am tired of looking at the same lines of code..."

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