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Free Windows 3.1
If you need something that is not here, email me at email, include "Windows 3.1 site" in the subject.
I have a lot of Windows 3.x resources stored on tape backup and CD-R, prolly 30gig of stuff dating back to the early 80's.

Newer files like LFN, Calmira, Real Player, and F-Prot are located near the bottom of the page.

Windows 3.1 Files
File Name Description Size
263044USA8.EXE MS Fdisk.exe for drives larger then 64gb 64KB
30BMP.EXE Wallpaper from Windows 3.0 (Includes BOXES.BMP, CHESS.BMP, PAPER.BMP, PARTY.BMP, PYRAMID.BMP, RIBBONS.BMP, and WEAVE.BMP) 64KB 3D Control Libraries (DLLs) v2.31 for 3D effects: CTL3D.DLL, CTL3D32.DLL, CTL3D32S.DLL + CTL3DV2.DLL
(Also for: 9x, ME, 2000 & XP)
ACCP.EXE Access Pack for Windows 3.x, Aids for people with movement or hearing disabilities (English) 200KB
CGA.EXE CGA Display Driver for Windows 3.1, 3.11 & Windows for Workgroups 3.11 168KB
COMPRESS.EXE Microsoft Compression Utility Only (Included with Setup v2.0 above) 16KB
CST_W30.EXE Customizing Windows 3.0 for Individuals with Disabilities 20KB
CST_W3X.EXE Customizing Windows 3.1, 3.11 for Individuals with Disabilities 20KB
CST_WG3X.EXE Customizing Windows for Workgroups 3.1, 3.11 for Individuals with Disabilities 20KB
EGA311.EXE EGA Display Driver for Windows 3.1, 3.11 & Windows for Workgroups 3.11 254KB
EXPAND.EXE Microsoft File Expansion Utility Only (Included with Setup v2.0 above) 17KB
FILES.EXE EMM386.EXE and HIMEM.SYS from the Windows 3.1 Disk Set. 82KB
GA0650.EXE DVORAK Keyboard Layouts for MS-DOS 5.x, 6.x & Windows 3.1x (Use with ACCP.EXE) 39KB
HERC.EXE Hercules Display Driver for Windows 3.1, 3.11 & Windows for Workgroups 3.11 158KB
IE4WIN3X.EXE Internet Explorer Version 4.01 16bit with Dailup Networking & Outlook Express 1360KB Internet Explorer Version 5.0 16bit (English)
with Dailup Networking & Outlook Express
If over 64M of memory use "setup /f:16"
Might need share.exe in 3.1 or REMOVE it from WfWG
Might need to revert to a Standard VGA Driver as well.
(128bit Encryption Upgrade: SE128-16.EXE)
LZEXPAND.EXE Windows 3.x 16bit Version (Missing on some OEM versions of Windows 3.1) 24KB
MONO.EXE MONOUMB.386 - Utility to free Reserved MonoUMB in Windows 3.1x , WfWG 3.1x 17KB
MOUSE901.EXE Microsoft Mouse Driver v9.01 with Custom Features for MS-DOS & Windows 3.x 699KB
MP52BETA.EXE Media Player2 v5.2 Beta 16-bit.
Plays NetShow (ASF), Video (MPEG, AVI), Audio (WAV), Music (MID, RMI), CD (CDA) etc.
MSEXE.EXE Microsoft Executive Shell (MSDOS.EXE) from Windows 2.0 & 3.0 42KB
MWBACK.EXE MS-DOS 6.22 MWBACKUP for Windows 3.1x to Restore Windows Backup Sets 317KB
PW1118.EXE Win32s v1.30c - 32bit Extensions for Selected 32bit Programs. 2.41MB
Q88363.EXE How to change User Details in all Versions of Windows 3.1x ( & after use of above update) 33KB
RESKIT.EXE Windows 3.1 Resource Kit as Word for Windows 2.0 Documents 1786KB
REVERS.EXE REVERSI Game from Windows 3.0 (Also included in WFWADD.EXE above) 29KB
SETUP.INI Replacement SETUP.INI for MS Office 4.2 Programs for 'Registered' File on Disk 2 1KB
SETUP2.EXE MS Setup v2.0 for Windows. To create Installable Setup Diskette Sets 982KB
SHARE42.EXE SHARE.EXEfrom Microsoft Office 4.2 & 4.3 with Config.Sys Install Instructions 40KB
SPEAK.EXE PC Speaker Driver for Windows 3.1, 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.1, 3.11 (Also: 9x,ME) 23KB
SVGA.EXE SVGA 256 Colour Display Driver for Windows 3.1 (Needs minimum 512KB Graphics Card) 433KB
TCP32B.EXE TCP/IP-32 Version 3.11b ONLY for Windows for Workgroups 3.11 691KB
VBRUN100.EXE Visual Basic VBRUN100.DLL Runtime File
run to extract, then copy dll to C:\windows\system
VBRUN200.EXE Visual Basic VBRUN200.DLL Runtime File
run to extract, then copy dll to C:\windows\system
VBRUN300.EXE Improved Visual Basic VBRUN300.DLL Runtime File
run to extract, then copy dll to C:\windows\system
247KB Visual Basic VBRUN400.DLL Runtime File 247KB Visual Basic VBRUN400.DLL Runtime File 247KB Special version of VfW 1.1e, which supports Offscreen surface video acceleration.
Came with ELSA Video Cards.
VGAUP.EXE Updated VGALOGO.RLE for Windows 3.11 (without workgroups) with Overwrite Instructions Note - An Easier method of changing the Windows 3.11 Startup Logo is WINLOGO below. 42KB
W31FILUP.EXE Updated File Manager (WINFILE.EXE) for Windows 3.1,3.11 and Post Year 2000 Dates 77KB Windows 3.10 Resource Kit 3.4MB
W32SOLE.EXE Microsoft Win32s version 1.30A (v1.30.166) 2.18MB
WDVW9716.EXE Word for Windows 97/2000 Document Viewer for 16Bit Windows 3.1x 2220KB WfWG 3.10 Resource Kit 594KB
WG1001.EXE Updated SERIAL.386 for WfWG 3.11 on Pentium based machine with a 16550 UART chip 24KB
WFW12.EXE WFW12.HLP - Help File on Windows for Workgroups Issues (Dated 09/12/94) 946KB
WFWADD.EXE Windows 3.1 Files left out of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 113KB
WFWFILES.EXE Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Update Files (From Windows NT 3.51) 447KB
WFWFILUP.EXE Updated File Manager (WINFILE.EXE) for WfWG 3.1,3.11 and Post Year 2000 Dates 90KB
WFWPTP.EXE Remote Access - Point to Point Add-On for Windows for Workgroups 3.11 366KB
WGFMDLL.EXE WfWG 3.11 (Y2K) File Manager with DLL Support Files for Windows 3.1, 3.11 170KB
WIN31.EXE WIN31.HLP - Help File on Windows 3.1 Issues (Dated 02/12/93) 357KB
WIN31QA2.EXE Windows 3.1 - Top 10 Questions and Answers (Dated 28/05/92) 34KB
WIN3EURO.EXE EURO Symbol Update for Windows 3.1 & WfWG (with Replacement Core Fonts) 758KB
WINFAQ.EXE WINFAQ.HLP - FAQ Help File for Windows 3.1x (Dated 07/03/95) 1350KB
WING10.EXE WinG v1.0 16-bit GDI Graphics/Video Acceleration Runtime Libraries (DLLs)
for older 16-bit (Win16) applications + games.
WINHITS.EXE WINHITS.HLP - Help File of Windows 3.1 Tips (Dated 21/07/94) 1377KB
WORDVU.EXE Word for Windows 2.0/6.0 Document Viewer for Resource Kit Files 1236KB
WP695.EXE WP695.HLP - Help File on Windows Printing Problems (Dated 06/07/95) 643KB
WRI.EXE Detailed Listing of SYSTEM.INI & WIN.INI Entries for Windows 3.1, 3.11 75KB
WV1160.EXE Video for Windows (VfW) v1.1e 16-bit Runtime Drivers/Codecs 1.35MB
WW0863.EXE Fix - System Hangs when running MS-DOS applications with Novell Netware in WfWG 30KB
WW0981UD.EXE Windows 3.11 Update | Updated Windows 3.11 Core Files for Windows 3.1
This is a special version of the 3.11 Update with Batch File Installer and 3.11 Startup Screen.
WW1000.EXE Updated VSHARE.386 for Windows 3.1 & 3.11 (Not for WfWG 3.1 or 3.11) 22KB
WW1116.EXE OLE version 2.03 Upgrade for Windows 3.1, 3.11 & Windows for Workgroups 3.11 869KB
WW1138.EXE Updated Calculator Accessory (CAL.EXE) for Windows 3.1, 3.11 & WfWG 3.1, 3.11 42KB
WW1140.EXE Software Fix for Faulty Pentium with Floating Point Error - For all Windows 3.1x Versions. 38KB
Other Windows 3.x Resources/Utilities
3XSTART.EXE Patch to enable Windows 3.1x to run under MS-DOS 7.10 and FAT32 (Part of OSR2-KIT.EXE) 45KB
A16EN193.EXE Forte Free Agent v1.93 - A free, NNTP news program 2.43MB
AR16E301.EXE Adobe Acrobat Reader 16-bit 3.01 3.73MB Borland Resource Workshop - Resource editor
( Win95 style icons for BRW)
CALMIRA 3.03 CalMira II is a Program Manager Replacement with Win95 looks (Desktop & Start Bar) 9KB Decay v1.0 Public Domain Screensaver 45KB
dICTIONARIES Dictionaries Packs for Spell Checkers | US English. 327KB F-Prot Antivirus v3.16a for DOS is free for home users 2.46MB
IFA400.EXE Long File Names for Windows 3.1x Programs on Win 3.1x
Instant File Access version 4.00 FREEWARE. Registration info is:
Address: Free Registration
Registration Number: 2782913346
421KB A fast and small image viewing and processing tool.
Originally written for Win95/NT. This older version still runs on Windows 3.1x with Win32s
229KB More Control v1.1 16bit | ©1992 Sloop Software (Public domain) (Also for 9x, ME)
Control Panel extension similar to Microsoft Tweak-UI
MWRAP2.EXE MouseWrap enables you to control mouse via keyboard, change cursers & size (Ideal for laptops) 42KB
PKZ204G.exe PK-ZIP 2.04g for DOS, needed to unzip .zip files. 197KB
PSP311.exe Paint Shop Pro v3.0 16-bit | Graphics Viewer | Editor | Conversion Tool (trialware) 1.82MB
RAMDUBLR.EXE Connectix RAM Doubler for Windows Version 1.0.1 (RAM Compression Enhancement) 172KB
QTEASY16.EXE The latest Quicktime version that will work with 3.1x.
The archive additionally contains the Quicktime Internet-Plugin v. 1.1
RP16_401.EXE Real Player 4.01 Win 3.1x 1.16MB
RP16_50.EXE Real Player 5.0 Win 3.1x (stereo sound and video!) 1.16MB
SPELLCHECK SpellCheck for Edit Boxes v3.02e | Universal SpellChecker 141KB
SPELLWRI.EXE Toolbar for Windows Write, SpellChecker & Word Count. 604KB TeraTerm v1.4 - Terminal Emulation (free) 614KB
W16-312B.EXE Pegasus Mail 16-bit v3.12b (All Windows Versions) (free) 3.04MB Windows 3.1x HTTPD (web) Server 650KB
WINLOGO.EXE Simple way to change Windows Startup Splash Screen (Includes Windows 3.11 Logo) 260KB WS_FTP LE v4.5 - A free, full-featured FTP program 666KB
WZ16V63.EXE Winzip 16bit v6.3 614KB
XXCOPY.EXE XXCOPY | Freeware XCOPY if your using Win 3.1 under DOS 7.1 (win95) which supports Long Filenames 160KB
XPLOGO.RLE Make a backup copy of WIN.COM (from the Windows directory) and of VGALOGO.RLE
(from the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Exit Windows.
Copy the new logo as VGALOGO.RLE to a temporary directory, together with WIN.CNF and VGALOGO.LGO from the WINDOWS & WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. From the DOS prompt change to this directory and execute the following command:


Copy the "new" WIN.COM to the WINDOWS directory and the new VGALOGO.RLE to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.
If any problems occur, just write back your backup copies of WIN.COM and VGALOGO.RLE
38KB zMud V.3.62a - Mud Client
The last FREE version.
Interesting Reading & Miscellaneous
System INI Settings Windows 3.1 Resource Kit SYSTEM.INI [386ENH] Settings) 45KB
Apps More Shareware Apps (some are Freeware) DIR

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