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NEWS FLASH: Version 2 is out of beta.

Sourcecode released with GPL license!
Download the source code to MonkeyTerm.

We haven't had time to do anything on MonkeyTerm lately (for a long time really), but since we keep getting requests for improvements and people still use it, we believe someone else should take over the project.

MonkeyTerm is a highly configurable and powerful mud client. MonkeyTerm is freeware. Designed to make your mud life more fun.

Be prepared to rise a level monkey style. Download MonkeyTerm.


  • Aliases (Macros and Hooks)
  • Actions (Triggers)
  • Substitutes
  • Keybindings (Hotkeys, One-touch macros)
  • Speedwalks
  • Variables
  • Web Browser Bar
  • Web Server
  • Key history buffer
  • Scrollback buffer
  • Programmable status-bar
  • ANSI/ASCII logging
  • Regular Expressions (Tired of glob-matching? Well, in MT you can use regular expressions for pattern matching :)
  • Full VBScript functionality (access internal MT objects or create any external object with CreateObject method.)
  • Automatic http-url link support (double click on any http URL)
  • Play sounds (Build in media-class, but possible to "shell open" any media file as well.)
  • Runs on Win98/NT/ME/2000/XP with IE 5.5 installed
  • MSP support
  • Import/Merging of other users aliases/actions/scripts/etc.
  • Multiple connections
  • Event system (Timers, http requests/response, load/save, copy/paste, etc.)

    The VBScript part means that you can write all your scripts, actions etc. in VBScript. This gives you total control of your client, you can access internal classes and methods or you can connect to databases, send emails, open external programs, play sounds - anything you want.

    And the best thing is: MonkeyTerm is FREE! Go to download and get it now :)


    Thanks to everyone who helped us beta-test MonkeyTerm and came up with cool new ideas.
    Quale for putting a lot of efford into writing scripts, testing functionality and coming up with ideas.
    Wingnut for taking the time to write a website about MonkeyTerm aimed for a more general audience and helping with beta-testing.
    GlassWillow for making neat graphics for us.
    Ardanwen and Fester for their help with beta-testing version 2.
    Siobahn and Gk for believing in MonkeyTerm and getting cracked up by the monkey sounds :)
    Paddington, for using MonkeyTerm since 1999 :) even while we didn't have time to work on it.
    Ecto another early user, who helped us catch some of the first bugs.
    Haplo for playing around with it, and help with the initial installer that didn't work too well ;)
    Angel, Jingizu, Private, Tamood, Kermit, Dante, Frost, David, Bran, Daniel, Sinseone, Gohan, Lancer, Sadness, Dread, Gasper and everyone we forgot to mention for helping with ideas :)
    Greetings goes out to all of AstroMUD and especially the wacky guys and girls in Clan Eternals.